Pristine Mountains, healthy forests and clean rivers. It is Slovenia!

Explore the land where every bike tour is very personal.

The feeling, when one is riding a bike down a narrow, winding trail to the valley is indescribable. The emotions, when one is surrounded by pristine nature of Slovenian mountains and Triglav National Park are unforgettable. The sensations, when at the end of the tour, somewhat dirty, sweaty and tired, one sits down for a cool beer and a delicious treat in a local gostilna, are amazing and most welcome. All this and more is mountain biking on numerous trails, remote lanes and forest tracks in the Slovenian Alpine world, which offers, unlike many neighboring destinations, an abundance of primal biking explorations.

Slovenia is a marvelous country for mountain biking. One can find here somewhat forgotten paths, diverse single trails and remote forest roads, which connect mountain meadows as well as the valleys below. Biking trails can be found for every biker, in all seasons, with the exception of the winter time, when it is usually too cold and there is too much snow: even in the lower areas – at the foothills of the Alps. It is best to bike in the spring time, from around April to June and then later, from the middle of August to October, when the temperatures are most acceptable for pedaling. The summer months are also a good choice, if one takes into consideration the fact, that some days will be very hot, especially once the trails get down to the valleys. A refreshing fact is that one can find many crystal clear rivers and lakes, which are appropriate for a quick jump and a cooling swim. Exceptional quality is also the fact that the water in the mountain streams and rivers is drinkable.

Nature in the mountainous Slovenian world is remarkable. Slovenia is the green paradise of Europe, which maybe the local population is not so much aware of. We are proud owners of pristine mountains, healthy forests and clean rivers. Even the air is different and one can breathe in the oxygen with full lungs. I have experienced this on numerous occasions, while biking with friends high up in the Karavanken Mountains. We took in full breaths of clean alpine air, paddling somewhere high uphill. I usually stop at a certain point of the tour, sit on a tree stump or rock and simply admire the surrounding landscape, take in the view and fully “recharge my batteries”. These are such pleasant feelings, which are difficult to explain, like the ones, when after a biking tour, I step under a shower all tired and sweaty. Simply, amazing.

amazing mountain biking in slovenia
mountain biking tours in slovenian alps

Mountain Biking in the Slovenian mountains is an unforgettable and pristine adventure. At each kilometer one bikes, it is possible to experience something special and unexpected. Slovenia is almost a little mysterious, when the word touches mountain biking and biking tours. On one hand, one can find marvelous biking trails, but on the other hand, a lot of energy and good will has to be put into making it all work – to make it a surplus biking tour. Once Slovenia gets under your skin, with its mountains, nature and biking paths, there is no way back.. you will return again and again.. for more.

Written by Matey Mejovsek; Photography by Tit Kosir, Matey Mejovsek and Life Bike Inc.

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