Self Guided Tours

Our style of riding a bike

Self guided cycling, mountain biking or bikepacking tours are ideal for independent riders, who love the freedom of exploring at their own pace, but with all the logistics sorted out.


Pause or power on, the choice is up to you: cherry-pick your sightseeing stops along the way, decide to linger a little over your lunch, or set off an hour earlier to catch the coolest part of the day. Whether it’s a relaxing cycle along the Dalmatian Coast, bikepacking across the Slovenian Alps or cycling to Venice via the beautiful Friuli Venezia Giulia or mountain biking from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea, we’ll provide you with detailed maps, digital gpx track, digital app with route and stages and 24-hour emergency support.


In addition to handling all the necessary support and planning, from booking accommodation and transferring, to supplying rental bikes and providing local insights. On our self-guided tours you’ll never feel rushed or alone. We have special 24/7 phone line just for our bikers on the tours! We will transport your luggage for you from start to the end or between hotels (depending on the program/itinerary) and provide high-quality support through local accommodation suppliers.

Best of all, almost all of our self-guided tours depart daily, giving you greater flexibility when planning your active holiday. You can depart on any day of the week, get up when you want, cycle or walk at your own pace and take a break whenever and wherever you like.


At LIFE Bike we have carefully chosen itineraries to showcase the best of the region. Our itineraries are designed with flexibility and comfort in mind. In many places we stay for two nights, giving you the option to cycle, go mountain biking or take a break and relax instead. If you have more energy it is often possible to extend the journey or take a longer, more challenging route. If you’d like to enjoy some more relaxing time, you can choose to add a day or two to the beginning or end of your self-guided adventures.

A Completely new LIFE Experience

Our goal is to provide the finest self guided biking tours and holidays.


Our self guided tours offer the same quality, style, service and comforts of our guided trips. The only difference is that with self-guided… you are the guide. And perhaps best of all, you don’t do any work to put it together. Our self guided cycling-touring, mountain biking and gravel riding tours are truly the best of both worlds. You travel on your terms with all the help and support (24/7) you need so you can focus on what matters to you the most.


There are more than 15 different cycling itineraries on offer, lasting as little as three days or as many as 14 days throughout Croatia, Slovenia, north-eastern Italy, Austria, Serbia and Montenegro. The physical demands of the tours range from introductory to challenging. All tours offer unique opportunities to discover the undiscovered areas, regions and countries, spanning postcard landscapes, centuries-old culture, rural lifestyles and tempting culinary delights. In short, they are flexible, unique adventures of ‘undiscovered’ corners that offer a great deal of independence, yet provide support when you need it. Best of all, they can start on any day of the week, so you can combine any tour to create the exact holiday you want.

Self Guided Booklet

We are committed to seeking out the very best in everything we do for our guest bikers, which only knowledge and experience of our professional staff and local team can provide.


We are here for you. To answer your questions, to help you with everything you need and any other requests you might have and to take away from you all the stress that comes with planning and organizing such a tour. We have developed and created the best solutions for self guided tours. Solutions that provide transparent, useful and selected information and are above all easy to use.

For a better understanding of cycling, mountain biking or gravel riding tours and of-course also for easier orientation, we have created a LIFE Bike booklet which includes everything our client needs during the tour: digital user solutions combined with a traditional travel guide, maps … This is what makes exploring and experiencing the destination easier and more enjoyable.