Terms and Conditions


Thank you for your interest in joining one of our cycling tours or biking holidays.

We want all our clients to enjoy their trip to the fullest extent possible, so we ask you to take a moment to read through the information below.

Our outdoor cycling activities, mountain biking or gravel cycling tours and self-guided cycling tours in general can sometimes be quite demanding and physically challenging, therefore we feel it is of high importance for all our clients to be fully aware of the kind of trip they will be joining.

Whilst we don’t want to put anyone off experiencing one of our trips, we ask that you read through the trip notes for the trip you have selected carefully and realistically self-assess your ability to complete the trip as described. Please consult with your doctor and/or us if you have any doubts.

A positive attitude and an open mind is just as important as your ability to get involved and fully participate on your group trip.



Hereafter “Client” shall refer to the person or people named in the booking and “Lajf d.o.o.” as any organization or company that sells Lajf d.o.o.’s services through an agreement with Lajf d.o.o. By booking an activity (excursion, adventure), tour (multi-day tours, holidays, packages) or events (incentive events, meetings, bike promotional, team building…), making a reservation and submitting a payment, Client agrees to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions:



For confirming any reservation for activity or tour, Lajf d.o.o. requests payment of nonrefundable deposit:

  • 10 eur / person, when the price of an activity or tour per person is 50 eur or less,
  • 20 eur / person, when the price of an activity or tour per person is between 51 eur and 100 eur,
  • 30% of price per person, when the price of an activity or tour per person is 101 eur or more.

Full amount of booked activity or tour needs to be settled before the beginning of activity or tour:

  • Activities: before the beginning of the activity .
  • Multi-day tours and packages: at least 21 days before the beginning of the tour.

In case of non-payment of booked activity or tour in accordance with this terms, Lajf d.o.o. keeps the nonrefundable deposit.

After the client makes reservation and pays the deposit, Lajf d.o.o. shall send to the client via e-mail an invoice for the booked activity/tour, activity/tour certificate, which shall include substantial data of the activity/tour program and a copy of this terms and conditions.



Lajf d.o.o. uses reasonable efforts to provide services as advertised, but minor changes in itinerary might be made where considered necessary. Lajf d.o.o. reserves the right to change any of the services described in the tour/activity descriptions before a booking is made. If such a change is made after booking, Lajf d.o.o. will notify Client as soon as possible.

Once a tour has departed or began, itinerary changes may be necessary as a result of unforeseen circumstances, operational concerns, or concerns for clients’ health, safety, enjoyment or comfort.


3.1. BY LAJF D.O.O.

If an activity is cancelled by Lajf d.o.o. for safety reasons (water level, weather forecast, any kind of unsafe conditions, etc.) or any unexpected conditions or reasonable cause, before the start of the activity or tour, it shall be postponed to a more appropriate day, time, or location, based on the given options.

In case of major changes or cancellations of the activity or tour booked by the Client, Lajf d.o.o. shall inform the Client as soon as possible and provide him/her with the following options:

  • Client may accept a new departure date.
  • Client may accept a replacement activity/tour of equivalent or similar itinerary and price range (without any additional payment).
  • Client may cancel his/her booking altogether and receive a full refund of the money already paid.

If the activity/tour is being partially cancelled during the activity/tour due to unexpected conditions or vis major (force majeure), the Client is entitled to partial reimbursement of paid price. The Client shall not be entitled to partial reimbursement, in case of minor program changes or additional services provided by Lajf d.o.o. in order to replace the partially cancelled equivalent activity.



The Client has a right to cancel the booked activity or tour.

All cancellations must be submitted in writing to info@lifeadventures.si. Your notification by phone is appreciated, however, your refund request will be processed according to a Lajf d.o.o. refund policy applying a date of your written cancellation:

  • Day adventures and excursions: cancellation needs to be done at least 2 days before the beginning of the activity.
  • Multi-day tours holidays and packages: cancellation needs to be done at least 21 days before the beginning of the tour.


3.2.1. REFUNDS

Half day or full day activities (in case of full payment upfront):

  • at least 5 days before booked activity: Lajf d.o.o. retains paid deposit,
  • at least 3 days before booked activity: Lajf d.o.o. retains 50% of paid amount (in case only deposit has been paid, Lajf d.o.o. is entitled to charge the client with 50% of the price of booked activity),
  • less than 12 hours before booked activity or no-show: Lajf d.o.o. retains 100% of paid amount.

Multi-day tours, holidays and packages:

  • at least 21 days before the beginning: Lajf d.o.o. retains paid deposit,
  • between 20 and 15 days before the beginning: Lajf d.o.o. retains 40% of paid amount,
  • between 14 and 8 days before the beginning: Lajf d.o.o. retains 60% of paid amount,
  • between 7 and 2 days before the beginning: Lajf d.o.o. retains 80% of paid amount,
  • cancellation less than 24 hours before the beginning or no-show: Lajf d.o.o. retains 100% of paid amount.

If the Client can not attend the tour/activity, he/she may find a replacement with another Client, and notify Lajf d.o.o. of replacement Client at least 8 days prior to the start of activity/tour. In this case, the Client, who can not attend the activity/tour, is obliged to pay only administrative costs of Lajf d.o.o. related to this Client

change in amount of 10% of the booked activity or tour.

No partial refunds are possible for any unused services including hotel rooms, transport, trekking days, or uncompleted parts of activities and excursions, if the reason for unused services or preliminary end of the activity/tour is with the Client (exceptions may apply in case of unexpected serious medical reasons, etc.)

If a Client has to be removed from a trip for any reason, he/she shall not be entitled to any refund.

If the Client cancels activity/tour due to unexpected serious cause or serious medical reason, which could not be avoided or foreseen by the Client, Lajf d.o.o. can decide, upon review of the Clients’ proofs and all relevant circumstances, to charge the Client only with Lajf d.o.o. costs, related to the cancelled activity/tour. Any problems of Client, connected with the use of alcohol/drugs can be avoided and foreseen by the Client and can therefore not be a subject of reasonable cause for cancellation of activity/tour with reimbursement of money.

To get already paid amount of your travel (in case of cancellation) reimbursed, it is highly advised you choose Trip Cancellation Insurance. Ask for more details at your local insurance company.



In case your trip is cancelled by Lajf d.o.o. or you need to cancel it yourself due to any Covid-19 related reasons (you are showing symptoms, there are travel restrictions, etc.), you will be able to select one of the following options: ​


You can postpone your tour to any date (within the period your preferred tour is available) until the end of 2022.


Save it for later. Choose the new dates later, but at least 21 days before travelling. This, along with all payments on our pages, is 100% financially safe.


If you know you can’t travel in 2021, you can convert your booking into a gift card to give to a friend, family member or your loved one. The gift card is valid for 24 months.


If none of the above suggestions are an option for you, you can request a 100% refund; the 70% is going to be refunded and the 30% of the nonrefundable deposit, you can use with any future booking or purchase with us.


If you change your dates, take a credit or gift card, you will unlock for yourself a 5% lifetime discount for all our tours and activities.



Clients engaging with any day adventure or multi-day tour are required to have valid and comprehensive travel insurance. Neither Lajf d.o.o. nor Lajf d.o.o.’s Partners can be held responsible for any liability, expenses, or losses Clients incur as a result of being inadequately insured. Lajf d.o.o. strongly recommends that at the time of booking a comprehensive travel insurance policy is purchased.

Client expressly agrees and promises to accept and assume all of the risks existing in activities on a selected trip. Clients participation in activities on the trip is purely voluntary, and Client agrees to participate in spite of the risks.



Prices listed on the Website are per person, unless otherwise specified.

Price quotations are subject to change without notice, until a booking has been confirmed.

Activity and tour prices in the brochure are only indicative of the final costs. As at Lajf d.o.o. we publish prices more than a year in advance, we may occasionally be faced with significant cost increases due to factors over which we have no control. As such, we reserve the right to impose surcharges or price increases due to changes in charges of our partners, increases in transport costs, taxes, or government requirements.



Client is responsible for choosing a trip that fits their abilities, level of fitness and health. If a Client needs any assistance or advice in selecting the right trip, please contact Lajf d.o.o.

Every Client is obliged to notify Lajf d.o.o. of any preexisting medical conditions (physical or mental) and of any dietary restrictions or food allergies he or she might be suffering from. When in doubt, Client needs to consult their physician before confirming any reservation for activity with Lajf d.o.o. All medications can and should be brought to activities and tours.

At Lajf d.o.o. we invite Clients to contact us and we will be happy to discuss and recommend the most suitable adventure for a Client, based on their conditions, we but cannot carry a responsibility for their health.

Pregnancy is considered a medical condition and must be discussed with Lajf d.o.o. at the time of booking. Lajf d.o.o. may refuse confirming booking to pregnant women.



Day adventures or multi-day tours, organized by Lajf d.o.o. have different minimum age requirements for children. Clients with young children, who have intention of engaging with adventures or tours with Lajf d.o.o., should contact Lajf d.o.o. staff and consult with them.

All minors (anyone under 18 years of age) must be accompanied by an adult, who is either their parent or legal guardian.



Clients who confirmed a reservation for any activity or tour with Lajf d.o.o. are obliged to not being under the influence of drugs/alcohol during the duration of an activity or tour.

Lajf d.o.o. reserves the right to decline a Client for joining the day adventure or tour, if Client is suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In such case Client is not entitled to any refund.



With making reservation for any tour or activity, a Client acknowledges that the nature of this type of tours and activities require flexibility and should allow for smaller changes.



Lajf d.o.o. shall not be liable and does not assume responsibility for any claims, damages, expenses or other financial loss whether to person or property arising out of any injury, accident, death, cancellation, delay, alteration, or inconvenience resulting from any act of omission, commission or inadvertence of any hotel, restaurant or other company or person rendering any of the services included in the trip or its pre- and post- trip arrangements, or caused by weather, sickness, strikes, or the willful or negligent acts of any other trip members or any cause whatsoever beyond the control of Lajf d.o.o..



In case of complaints or dissatisfaction with the services of Lajf d.o.o., the Client is obliged to immediately or as soon as possible, but still during the activity/tour, inform about the reason of his/her complaint or dissatisfaction to the guide. The guide shall, if possible, try to resolve the complaint immediately. If this shall not be possible, the Client is obliged to inform the Lajf d.o.o. via e-mail: info@lifeadventures.si

If inadequacies have not been solved during the activity/tour, and the complaint is reasoned, the Client can demand a partial reimbursement of paid price. In order to get the partial reimbursement of the paid price, the Client has to submit to Lajf d.o.o. a written complaint at the latest in 2 months after the activity/tour has been finished and request the reimbursement of money.



For answers to your questions or ways to contact us:

You can write to us at: info@lifeadventures.si

Lajf d.o.o., Železniška ulica 5, SI-4240 Lesce

January 1st, 2018

Lesce, Slovenia


Note: LIFE Bike is regularly registered trademark by Lajf d.o.o. company and can only be used with the express permission of Lajf d.o.o.